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Car Park and Industrial Area

Over the last 9 years we have formed a strong partnership with Berry Systems who are market leaders in the field of “Off Highway” safety barriers. In general terms, this means safety barriers used in car parks, logistics yards, warehouses, inside and outside factories, retail parks, loading bays, etc. Their objective is the protection of people, vehicles, plant and buildings.

Industrial Car Parks

Pedestrian Guardrails

A cost-effective solution for Pedestrian Safety near the Highway. Our Pedestrian Guardrails are used as a deterrent to prevent pedestrians from entering onto our carriageways at dangerous locations, especially when vehicular traffic is nearby.


We offer a varied range of Steel, Stainless Steel & Flexible bollards for the Public Parks, Retail Parks, Car Parks, Car Showrooms, Access Control, Anti-Ram raid situations and Urban areas. Our steel bollards provide a more robust application with our stainless steel bollards offering that contemporary look you require to enhance your project.

Cycle Stands

All of our unique Cycle Stand are manufactured under Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2008, distinctive and passionately made with combined contemporary design, presenting our clients with a cost effective and powerfully built product of the highest quality. All our cycle stands are available in a range of finishes, including Galvanised, Galvanised & Powder Duplex Coating, Rilsan® Nylon Coating, Stainless Steel and lastly our unique Armoured Sheen®.

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About Us

Wallace Protection Systems Ltd are the only company in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that can offer independently tested and accredited vehicular barrier systems that have been tested to meet with the relevant requirements of BSEN 1991-1. We offer a Nationwide design, supply and installation service complete with product demonstrations and on-site consultations. We also provide a full Maintenance Service for all products and systems supplied offering our clients piece of mind all year round.

In addition we provide RIBA Approved CPD Seminars available for architects and consultants.