Modular Car Parks

TopDeck Parking systems are designed to incorporate many examples of Speed-Build Technology to enable installation to take days, not months. The car park systems we offer are flexible and innovative, while catering to your exact requirements.

Speed-Build Technology

  •  Modular Design (for Fast, Consistent Erection)
  • No Foundations (If Site Conditions Are Suitable)
  • Screw Pile Foundations (for Rapid Installation if Foundations Are Required)
  • Pre-Finished Anti-Skid Decks (for Rapid Commissioning and a Quick Handover)
  • Automatic Lane Markings - Rubber Seals Between Modules Visually Delineate Parking Bays
  • Access Lanes Identified by Colour of Deck Coating
  • No Wet Trades on Site (to Save Drying Times and to Avoid Weather Dependency)
  • Plug-and-Play Electrics (for Fast Installation of Accessories such as Lighting and CCTV)
  • Integral Safety Barriers (Pre-Fitted and Independently Tested to BS6399)
  • Modular Ramps and Stairs (For Rapid Attachment to Parking Modules)
  • Optional Speed-Build Cladding Where Required

De-Mountable for Futureproof Investment

If the ability to demount the car park in the future is required and you need to reassemble it elsewhere, then height-adjustable columns can be used to allow for variations in the terrain. This is very useful where the total development of your site over the next few years has not been finalised.

Off-Site Construction

Modules are built in our Newport factory and the water resistant, anti-skid, and grit-coat surface is also factory-applied and the safety barriers are pre-installed. The hinged columns are incorporated where required for structural integrity with maximum accessibility. Manufacturing systems to BS EN ISO 9002 and also galvanising systems to BS EN ISO 1461:1994 ensure full quality control.

The units are delivered to your site in a flat-pack state for rapid assembly as each unit is securely attached to the previous one. The hinged columns are swung into place and locked down.

Innovative Design

The patented, innovative design of TopDeck car parks meets all relevant building regulations and standards, even when used as a temporary structure. The flexibility of the system allows TopDeck to be used on awkwardly shaped sites or where access is restricted without compromising existing facilities. Ramps are located for optimised traffic flow and stairs for pedestrian safety.

Modular Construction

A TopDeck car park consists of a series of standard or bespoke modules in a carefully optimised layout that maximises the potential for your site. In theory, there is no minimum or maximum number of parking spaces in a TopDeck car park, but typically there are between 70 and 700 spaces. Standard modules are 16 metres long, comprising of 2 opposing parking bays at 2.4m x 4.8m, separated by a 6m access way.

Integral Safety Barriers

Our Partners and TopDeck Parking sister company, Berry Systems, is a market leader in car park barriers and their expertise has been employed to design the integral safety barriers that not only meet the requirements of BS EN 1991-1, but also the latest recommendations from the Institute of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Structural Engineers.

The Flexi-Panel barriers are delivered to your site attached by hinges at the base only and can be quickly swung upright and locked into position. They also provide an immediate working-at-height safety to perimeter edges – aiding the overall speed of build.

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