Our suppliers & partners Berry Systems’ expertise in car park perimeters goes far beyond the spring steel safety barriers for which they are rightly renowned and encompasses the whole exterior envelope. Complete packages including cladding, curtain walling, perimeter barriers and pedestrian protection make Wallace Protection Systems the one stop choice for car park exteriors saving you time, materials and a lot of hassle.


Our industry leading experience in the car park sector means you can be confident these systems meet the latest standards, requirements and relevant recommendations for car parks of all shapes and sizes. 

Where pedestrians have access to the perimeter of a car park Berry Systems can Design and install barriers that include integral pedestrian protection via handrails and anti-climb mesh. Alternatively, the cladding itself potentially can be designed to withstand the pedestrian loadings required by BS EN 1991 -1-1 2002 Annex B, the European Standard that has superseded BS 6399 Part 1 1996. This can remove the need for further pedestrian protection.

Cladding Systems

A wide range of proprietary cladding systems are offered. The main types are described here and bespoke designed systems are also available. Early involvement in the specification process can lead to significant benefits and savings and a more efficient perimeter solution. For example, Berry Systems can advise on how potentially cladding can be rated for pedestrian loadings if required. Advice can also be given on how to achieve the required level of ventilation through the cladding. Generally speaking the greater the degree of opaqueness the less the ventilation and airflow.

Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded metal mesh is one of the most popular forms of cladding in multi-storey car parks. It provides a wide choice of styles and aesthetic appeal, provides protection against all but the most driving rain while maintaining good airflow and ventilation to the parking decks.

Perforated Metal

The availability of perforated metal cladding in a variety of materials has created new possibilities for architects to create effects of varying transparency for the facades of multi-storey car parks.

Woven Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless steel mesh is not new but its use as an exterior cladding material has opened up new dimensions in architectural cladding. The subtle changes of colour from cold to warm as the sun progresses through the day give buildings such as multi-storey car parks a vibrancy all too often lacking. Stainless Steel Mesh also acts as a useful solar screen that allows a controlled amount of light into the car park while creating shade for comfort and practicality.

Glazing Panels/Light Boxes

No longer do architects view car parks as just a functional necessity. Many are now fully expressing their creative skills to turn multi-storey car parks into aesthetically interesting and artistically acclaimed structures. The use of features like light boxes on the main facades create beacons of coloured light at night time and an element of mystery and intrigue during the day. The imaginative use of glazing panels around the service sections also help to lift some car parks well away from the mundane and maintain the openness and lightness of the design.

Bespoke Design

Wallace protection Systems have the expertise and experience to design and install Bespoke Cladding systems uniquely tailored to the specific requirements of multi-storey car parks. This includes factors such as wind loading, ventilation and airflow as well as, where appropriate, pedestrian loadings and vehicle impact resistance. This enables architects to realise their conceptual designs whilst meeting all the requirements of relevant building regulations and European Standards.

Curtain Walling

The ‘one stop’ choice of Wallace protection Systems means that you only have one point of contact for cladding and curtain walling. No arguing between two different contractors over who installs what, and when.

Perimeter Barriers

The full range of Wallace protection Systems perimeter safety barriers includes both floor and column mounted products. The unique Protecta-Clad is a combined barrier and cladding system that features a wide choice of cladding styles that are attached via the compatible spring steel vehicle barriers rather than the car park structure. Primarily fixed from inside the car park rather than from the outside, Protecta-Clad allows two separate elements of the car park perimeter to be installed at the same time and by the same people.

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