Wide-Ranging Safety Barriers for Your Car Parks

Wallace Protection Systems are specialists in the design, supply and installation of “Off Highway” safety barriers for car parks, retail, commercial and industrial areas. You may ask - What are “Off Highway” Vehicle Safety Barriers? In general terms, safety barriers used in car parks, logistics yards, warehouses, inside and outside factories, retail parks, loading bays, etc, can all be described as ‘Off Highway’ vehicle safety barriers. Their objective is the protection of people, plant and buildings. Most people are familiar with the appearance of highway barriers - the ubiquitous Armco. But it would be a mistake to think that if a barrier can cope with a high speed motorway crash they must be able to cope with the low speeds in a car park or logistic yard? Off highway barriers are quite different and different standards, regulations and operating requirements apply.


  • General Perimeter – (Column Mounted Options - Brisafe / System 3 / Flexi-Panel / Rigid RHS) 
  • General Perimeter – (Floor Mounted Options - Spring Steel or Rigid systems) 
  • Split Level – (Spring Steel or Rigid systems) 
  • Ramps - (1/2 Force systems) 
  • Aisle Ends & Opposite Down Ramps - (Twice Force systems) 
  • Column & Pipework Protection 
  • Plant & Ductwork Protection 
  • Wall Protection
  • Pedestrian Protection

Features and Benefits:

  • BSEN 1991-1-1 (6399 & BS 6180) Compliant systems 
  • Product stocked locally for fast track service 
  • 3 Rail Types - Barrier Rail/Berry Beam/Open Box Beam 
  • Rigid/Semi-Flexible/Spring Steel Systems available 
  • The use of flexible systems reduces damage and prolongs the life of the system 
  • Pedestrian Protection – Handrails and Anti-Climb Mesh Panels can be added 
  • ½ Force/Single Force/Twice Force and 3 Times Force systems available 
  • Bespoke Systems

Test Evidence

Our products have been tested at the MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) and by other independent consultants to ensure that they comply with the relevant standards and recommendations. Copies of test certificates and reports are available on request.

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